16 Jun, 2024
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Idris Elba “Suavely” Addresses James Bond Scandal

Tracee Ellis Ross Pays Homage to Her Mother Updated #WorkThatBody Video

Who is Charnesia Corley? Black Woman Publicly Violated by Texas Deputies

The Danger of Black Forgiveness

dylann roof

Bullet Proof Vests and Diversionary Journalism: Protecting Dylann Roof and White Supremacy

martese johnson #notjustuva

#NotJustUVA: Martese Johnson and the American Norm


Its #NotJustSAE, it never was – Its America

trayvon zimmerman

Racism, Not Hoodies: The Real Menace to Society


Why Zendaya’s Refusal to Be Diminished is Important For Us Black Girls

marshawn lynch

A Letter to Marshawn Lynch

The Darkness of Light / The Problem with ‘Light Girls’


Why Sheneque Proctor is NOT the Female Eric Gardner


To Be Seen, Not Heard: A Critique of Selma

The Respectabilty Myth : How Black Folks “Do Better” than Einstein and Still Get Unfair Treatment

hands up rams

Hands down, Shut up: White America’s Message to the Rams

The Montgomery Boycott and the Erasure and White Wash of Black Women

hug heard around the world

Please Don’t Show me the Picture of the Boy Hugging the Police Officer

11 Empowering & Inspiring Black Women to Follow on Twitter

Soft Serve Racism & The Cowardice of the Hood Prank

Matthew Cherry’s new series, Young Love, is headed to MAX on Sept. 21. The animated show is based on the characters introduced in the Oscar winning short film, Hair Love. “Filled with comedy and…
A 14-year-old white male has been formally charged with attempted murder, following allegations that he tried to drown a Black minor in what authorities believe was a racially motivated attack.…
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis faced backlash and a resounding chorus of boos during a vigil held to honor the victims of a racially motivated shooting. The incident occurred in Jacksonville,…
The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office is investigating an incident where a Jersey City police officer fatally shot a mentally ill man. Officers responded to an EMS call for assistance…
On Tuesday, the latest author of the James Bond novels made a comment dismissing the prospect of actor Idris Elba being cast as the next James Bond. In an interview…

Chris Brown and Why Its Easy to Ignore Rape of Black Boys

  The UK paper The Guardian recently published an interview with Chris Brown in which the superstar reveals his first sexual experienced occurred at the age of 8 with a 14 year old girl. While Brown labeled this sexual act as him “losing his virginity” the reality is less innocent. Brown is a victim of child […]

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Announcing the Black Culture Book Club

  It was Mary McLeod Bethune who said, “The whole world opened to me when I learned to read”. We vehemently believe that to be true. We are constantly opened to worlds past, present and future through the writings of Frederick Douglass, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, and Octavia Butler. There is a diversity and complexity […]

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Joe Rickey Hundley Pleads Guilty To Smacking Toddler on Plane Flight

    The man accused of slapping a crying toddler on a plane will plead guilty this week. In February, Joe Rickey Hundley of Hayden, Idaho, smacked the son of Jessica Bennet on a flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta. Hundley was seated next to the woman and her 19th-month-old son when the Delta Flight 721 […]

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The 15 Fiction Titles That Every African American Should Read

    Literature by Black authors is largely ignored or marginalized in literary canons. This is not because there aren’t any works worthy enough for inclusion but because of the overarching domination of institutional racism and sexism. Here, we celebrate some of black literature’s classic fiction titles spanning many different genres. If you have any […]

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March on Washington: Will Issues Affecting Black Women Always Take A Backseat?

    What’s worse than separately suffering racism or sexism? Probably enduring the compounded effects of both racism and sexism. On the Eve of the 50th anniversary of the historic “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom” and in the midst of escalating attacks on women’s rights, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s much celebrated “I […]

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