16 Jun, 2024


1 min read

Mission Statement

Black Culture is driven to produce positive images of black people in order to negate the negative influences that popular media produces. It’s an attempt to break away from stereotypes to show the diversity of blackness. It’s an attempt to destroy the old Eurocentric and patriarchal standards of beauty, to show the vibrancy and beauty of Blackness.

The blog works to expose the diversity and complexity of Blackness that is hidden so often. Exposing the rich and strong history of the people of the African diaspora that is ignored. The blog embraces black culture and forces the readers to do so as well.

Zellie Imani is the creator and voice behind Black Culture. He created the blog to explore and expose Black history and Black culture through a series of stories, photos, and short films.


email: zellieimani@gmail.com