16 Jun, 2024

Write For Us

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Be Our Guest Contributor

The Black Experience is vast and diverse. No one person can define Blackness. We would like to have guest contributors like YOU. We made the procedures to write for us quite simple. All you have to do is to draft an article within the sphere of interest of Black Culture. You can know this by taking a look at the categories on Black Culture.

Guest articles should be mailed to zellie.imani@gmail.com.

Generally, you will be expected to meet the following requirements before they can go live on Black Culture.

  • Articles must be within the circle of interest of Black Culture.
  • You must include a bio of not more than 160 words in your submissions. Your bio may also contain no more than 2 links.
  • Articles should ideally be 700 words or less because the internet thrives on brevity. If they are more than and it is absolutely necessary, they should be broken into 2 parts and mailed together.
  • As a guest contributor, you are required to submit only unique articles and such article cannot be published elsewhere until 3 days after Black Culture has published such.

Sounds simple enough? We look forward to reading your work! Black Love

-zellie imani