11 Empowering & Inspiring Black Women to Follow on Twitter


Black Twitter, a word started as an inside  joke by the black community to describe Black twitter users, has become a buzzword in the past few years. Black twitter has shown its power over social media by starting many trending hashtags. Many of those very hashtags have dealt with race, sex, gender and sexuality. Black twitter more than any other demographic has used its platform to raise awareness around many issues and current events. The murders of Trayvon Martin, Darrien Hunt and Mike Brown gained mainstream media attention because of the social media attention Black twitter brought to it. Below are some of the most empowering and inspiring Black women on twitter. There are many, many more.



1. @thetrudz


2. @FeministaJones


3. @thesoulasylum


4. @nettaaaaaa


5. @Blackamazon


6. @Karnythia


7. @JamilahLemieux


8. @ZerlinaMaxwell


9. @SoulRevision


10. @thewayoftheid


11. @HunterLourdes

What do you think about the the women on this list? Do you follow any inspiring and empowering Black Women not listed? Share in the comments!


zellie imani

Zellie is a writer, photographer, activist, and teacher based in North Jersey.