18 Apr, 2024

Terio and the Problems of Child Obesity (Ooh Kill ‘Em)

For years I’ve seen Terios in my community. You know; the funny, cute and obese kid on the block. They’re always the center of attention during cookouts and block parties. Usually getting praised for their wit, their dancing skills or annihilating two adult size plates. Here’s the thing: jokes are cute. We want to endorse […]

6 mins read

Do African Americans Have a Culture?

Anonymous asked: Don’t you just hate when people say that african Americans don’t have a culture???…. They attempted to disconnect us from homeland, erase our native tongue, and shun our native religions. They attempted to beat us physically, emotionally and spiritually into submission. But we held on. We held on to our ways of life, […]

2 mins read

The Top 15 Black TV Shows of All-Time

  The rise and fall of Black TV shows have been a tumultuous one. Beginning in the 1950s with situational comedy Amos ‘n’ Andy, black sitcoms have gotten both their fair share of praises and criticisms. The height of black television was arguably the 90s. Many stations featured shows with all African American casts and […]

7 mins read

Reaction to Barneys Arrests, Racism and Classism Collide

  This week 19 year old Trayon Christian filed a discrimination lawsuit against the retail giant Barneys. Christian, who is Black, claimed undercover cops working inside Barneys followed him into the streets and accused him of credit card fraud after purchasing a $349 Ferragamo belt. Two male NYPD detectives stopped Christian saying his card had […]

4 mins read

Black Self Identity: How Much is Blackness Defined by Whiteness?

  Black identity development is recognized as the construction of one’s sense of Blackness. This occurs over several stages, most notably illustrated in Dr. William Cross’ model of Nigrescence, first published in 1971. This “process of becoming Black” is initiated by the first instance of racial awareness: the first time a child realizes the consequences […]

3 mins read

Just How Was Slavery Portrayed Differently in 12 Years a Slave than Django Unchained?

  In various visual media we have slaves and slavery as part of the plot. Be it Daenerys Targaryen being the White Savior to slaves, all of which who are people of color, on Game of Thrones; the use of slavery for the sake of sensationalism, or “Historical Fiction” in American Horror Story: Coven and […]

7 mins read