Point to Your Land and I’ll Point to Mine
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Point to Your Land and I’ll Point to Mine


Point to your land and I’ll point to mine.

Our land was stolen. We had 200 acres of land in Linden, Alabama. My ancestors became very wealthy growing cotton and corn for the market place.  My great great grandfather, Richard Howard (Cherokee) was killed by a group of European settlers around the 1870’s in attempts to steal our land. Luckily, my great great grandmother, Lottie Walker (Creek) was able to keep the land and raise her four (4) children. Eventually, our land was stolen we were only left with 60 acres – which we still have today, however its not our original land.

I found out about this recently, the words are still coming together and my emotions are still all over the place. Writing this was very hard, so apologies. It pains me that this is only ONE scenario that I know of and what my people went through, countless others will surface – it hurts my head just fathoming it. I need to know. At this point in my life I am getting closer and closer to finding out who I am – it means everything to me. I need to know. Knowledge of self is everything to me.

We need to know, I hope this will help others to open up and share what they know of and what their ancestors went through.

In honor of my ancestors, I began a garden this year and it brings me the most joy.  Whatever you put into her, she gives back – Mother Earth.


Are you aware of any of your family history? How far have you traced back your family tree? What’s the hardest thing about doing so? Share, we need to know our collective history!