Mens Style I: The Navy Suit and Blazer
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Mens Style I: The Navy Suit and Blazer


We see them. We notice them in the streets, on the subways, in coffee shops. There’s something about them. George C. Wolfe said, “God created black people and black people created style.” These men have over time built a wardrobe that many of us envy.

But you don’t have to any more.

In this series we give our suggestions on what we consider to be staples to base your new wardrobe around. Maybe then too can flaunt the style you created.


Navy  Blazer


The navy blazer is an essential item for a dressy wardrobe. Preferably, your closet should have two versions of the navy blazer: one for the summer/spring and one for fall/winter.  The former should be constructed from lightweight material such as linen, linen+ cotton or fresco. They are made from movable and breathable materials that keep you cool in both senses of the word.  For the fall/winter, wool fabric is the only way to go.


Double Breasted Blazer


Once thought of as too formal, the double breasted blazer has come back in style. It’s still as proper and elegant as before, but recent trends of more tailor fitted suits have modernized this staple. Tip: Leave the bottom button undone.

Navy Suit


Black suits are for funerals. The first suit you should purchase is the classic navy suit. It’s sophisticated and can easily be matched with a wide range of shirt colors and tie patterns. Don’t forget the handkerchief.

If It Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit

It’s not always what your wear but how you wear it. The back of your jacket should be enough to cover your seat. Your jacket sleeve should  should terminate right above the top of your wrist bone. About a half inch of shirt cuff should be visible. The cuff of your pants leg should rest at the top of your shoe(brown,burgundy, never black). The proper fit can change your appearance from sloppy to well put together. It’s okay to thrift, but you don’t always have to look like it.

What other staples do you feel every man should have in his closet? Do you think style is built on classic staples or personal taste? Leave your thoughts in the comments!