The Five Tips You Need for Healthy Black Hair
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The Five Tips You Need for Healthy Black Hair


There are so many different regimes for people to follow to maintain healthy black hair. I find these five things that I DO consistently have helped me maintain my hair and its health.


SO ESSENTIAL, yet, often neglected. People sometimes go months, even years before they give their hair a good trim. Why is it so important? Because it prevents the split end from continuing up the hair shaft and this can cause severe breakage. How often do we see products that say “Repair Split Ends”(which is false advertisement)? Can you bring the dead back to life?! NO, and neither can you do the same with split ends. They’re inevitable, but can be controlled. Limiting the amount of heat (i.e. curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers) can cut down on how bad your split ends can get. For those ladies natural and relaxed please do not forget this step! Every 4-6 weeks!



OH HOW IMPORTANT! CONDITION CONDITION CONDITION!!! Our hair gets thirsty! And if it doesn’t get quenched properly it will let you know. The amount of conditioning is different for everyone. Some may not need intense moisturizers as others, so get to know your hair. Also, switch your products up after while. Your hair can stop responding to the products you use, especially your shampoo. There are so many products out there so do your research! Its worth it.



What we put in is what we get out! I recently just started a new vitamin called Hair Infinity and I have already seen results! I highly recommend them! Biotin is also a good vitamin to take, however be aware that it is also for your metabolism. Drinking plenty of water, is such a cliche thing to say but it is a staple! Fruits & veggies of course are important in your diet. Take care of your inner and your outer will be happy!



Man, can this be detrimental. Please be careful with the amount of chemicals and what chemicals you choose to use on your hair. If you are relaxed (as I am) try to breakup the time up as long as your hair can allow before you relax it. I have known some people to relax their hair every 3 weeks and wonder why their hair is breaking. Allow for there to be at LEAST over an inch of growth before you decided to relax it again and make sure you ONLY RELAX THE NEW GROWTH and try your best to stay away from the hair that is already relaxed which can cause your hair to be over processed. When it comes to color, wait 3-4 weeks after your initial color or relaxer. Over processing can cause a lot of damage.



Do your research when it comes to your products! There are so many hair care products on the market and which ever we decided to purchase make sure you pay attention to the ingredients in the back of the product. Mineral Oil, Sulfates, Isopropyl Alcohol are some of the few ingredients to look out for. A lot of products contain these ingredients, so be mindful of what you purchase and use in your hair care regime.


What are some of the  tips you have picked up to maintain  healthy black hair?