16 Jun, 2024

Joe Rickey Hundley Pleads Guilty To Smacking Toddler on Plane Flight

    The man accused of slapping a crying toddler on a plane will plead guilty this week. In February, Joe Rickey Hundley of Hayden, Idaho, smacked the son of Jessica Bennet on a flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta. Hundley was seated next to the woman and her 19th-month-old son when the Delta Flight 721 […]

1 min read

The 15 Fiction Titles That Every African American Should Read

    Literature by Black authors is largely ignored or marginalized in literary canons. This is not because there aren’t any works worthy enough for inclusion but because of the overarching domination of institutional racism and sexism. Here, we celebrate some of black literature’s classic fiction titles spanning many different genres. If you have any […]

5 mins read

March on Washington: Will Issues Affecting Black Women Always Take A Backseat?

    What’s worse than separately suffering racism or sexism? Probably enduring the compounded effects of both racism and sexism. On the Eve of the 50th anniversary of the historic “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom” and in the midst of escalating attacks on women’s rights, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s much celebrated “I […]

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