17 Jul, 2024

Black Self Identity: How Much is Blackness Defined by Whiteness?

  Black identity development is recognized as the construction of one’s sense of Blackness. This occurs over several stages, most notably illustrated in Dr. William Cross’ model of Nigrescence, first published in 1971. This “process of becoming Black” is initiated by the first instance of racial awareness: the first time a child realizes the consequences […]

3 mins read

Chris Brown and Why Its Easy to Ignore Rape of Black Boys

  The UK paper The Guardian recently published an interview with Chris Brown in which the superstar reveals his first sexual experienced occurred at the age of 8 with a 14 year old girl. While Brown labeled this sexual act as him “losing his virginity” the reality is less innocent. Brown is a victim of child […]

4 mins read

The 15 Fiction Titles That Every African American Should Read

    Literature by Black authors is largely ignored or marginalized in literary canons. This is not because there aren’t any works worthy enough for inclusion but because of the overarching domination of institutional racism and sexism. Here, we celebrate some of black literature’s classic fiction titles spanning many different genres. If you have any […]

5 mins read